Supernatural, The VR Workout App, Adds Boxing For More Variety

Supernatural — the best-selling fitness app that pushes users into the world of the occult in a Victorian setting — is increasing the variety of ways to get fit through VR by adding boxing and yoga to the lineup.

Most users might know Supernatural as a sexy Victorian bloodlusty spaceknight fighting demons and supernatural creatures, but this isn’t a world where these were some of the same things. In Supernatural, you’re waging war to defend your loved ones from their numerous threats while being sexually assaulted and stalked by demonic men. That’s a lot of fighting.

The new boxing and yoga workouts are an extension of the three core workouts that launched with Supernatural in September of last year. These workout programs contain all-new and different exercises for both men and women to continue feeling empowered while practicing power, strength, endurance, and agility.

The yoga exercises in Supernatural still include individual reps and deeper stretching than the boxing moves, but with the additional functionality of music and visuals, it’s likely to appeal to different audiences. Supernatural has won multiple awards in the past year for bringing edgy VR video workouts to the masses.

Supernatural, which can be found on the Oculus Quest, Samsung Gear, Fitbit, and more, has been roundly praised for its hybrid of traditional VR and its theatre-like visuals that take users into the world of the occult, but there’s still some confusion over how it falls under the Oculus Quest family. A third VR headset, the Lyrebird, which came with the same product as Supernatural, was first released as a separate service but comes under the same family.

What about the Oculus Quest 2? There are still some issues with Supernatural on the cheaper device, but there is a recent stable update which unlocked improved hardware for the Oculus Quest 2. If you have a Oculus Quest 2, you’ll be able to use a headset that comes with games pre-installed and the ability to track arm movements — two things you might not be able to get with the Lyrebird headset.

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