Apple’s handy AirTag Loop is selling for a low price at Amazon


Just after its debut on Apple Store last year, the innovative AirTag was severely over-indexed during its first year of availability. Especially during early November, it sold out quickly. So after that much excitement, it was expected that the AirTag that was priced at $189 would be available on Amazon since last fall. We finally got the updated version in November that has the same price as the previous AirTag. Well, it’s on sale for $149 for those who prefer to pick up the previous design for 50% off. So while the previous price is still quite high, it’s still a good deal.

The AirTag 360 was introduced last year to stay in 2020. It’s quite a neat design, if for no other reason that the reminder of AirTags will inevitably just affect you. But the AirTag is actually the newer model with a triple laser sensor, making it an extremely sensitive bracelet that will recognize your biometric data, including iris and fingerprint. Apple says that the AirTag ensures you don’t forget yours, but you never forget them completely. Also, if your AirTag is functional for that lifetime, it will get cheaper if you buy the charging case, which usually carries a retail price of $269. The case will also be available for the original AirTag that’s $149 right now, so one great option, depending on what you use.

Still, that’s nothing compared to the AirTag Mini that has two optical cameras that you can use for a more basic biometric identifier. So if you want a third option, you’re not buying into a factory-fitted iPhone case, you’re getting a full-featured bracelet in a brand-new color that can be used as an identifier. And with more bands already around $50, this price is even a better value than the previous AirTag. If you’re unsure about wearing an AirTag, just consider your financial situation as it is.

This smart Watch strap also features a magnetic strap so you don’t need to remove it once you’ve got it on. And the straps under the watch face have sensors that help activate the app on your iPhone, too. It’s just like wearing an AirTag, but we’re giving this a slight push because it’s getting 50% off.

Amazon has put this just below the same. Just do a quick search on Amazon and we’ll give you something to walk away with.

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