Fireballs may be visible as meteor shower peaks tonight

 Major fireball showers of 2021 will peak tonight (Picture:

Majorly meteors, meteor showers, meteors and meteor showers will peak tonight – particularly large ones.

A meteor shower contains material from a meteor that has broken up from Earth’s atmosphere – so any large one can be seen quite spectacularly, as it lights up the night sky.

The Met Office issued a weather warning for the Meteora Supermoons – which will be visible tomorrow and on December 27, possibly peaking between 8am and midnight tonight.

This coming weekend you may be able to see a large-ton-of-fireballs shoot through the sky in a major meteor shower.

Meteoras are large geometrical shows of bright light when they shoot out from the Earth.

‘These are extremely bright events produced when streams of comet fragments hit the Earth’s atmosphere,’ according to the Met Office.

It added that this is unlikely to be seen with your naked eye, as the explosion is more visible in the direction of the Earth, but you can still see any produced by the event.

The Met Office offers the following tips to try and see the event: ‘Keep an eye on the sky, especially low on the horizon – when it is darkest – between the hours of midnight and the mid-afternoon.’

It adds: ‘If you’re in an urban area (such as any city or town) then this is a good time to get your evening outside with a garden or a path so you’re outside when the display is most visible.

‘Are you viewing this with the light coming from a piece of sky through your curtains or windows? Clear out the curtains.’

While the skies are the perfect place to spot a big event, if you find a wide-open way outside after dark is a good idea too.

Look for faraway stars like Jupiter, and anywhere that looks like it’s left field of view is the star closest to the full moon for the next couple of nights.

The Met Office’s ad says: ‘Measuring in at around 1.1 million kilometres (0.73 million miles), the Earth-Moon conjunction makes for a huge shooting star show. There should be plenty of shooting stars to see tonight.’

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