Space station astronaut captures unbelievable view of Earth


Daniel Nergg, an astronaut onboard the International Space Station, captured stunning photo of the Earth on December 15, 2020, using his camera, which is set to orbit around the world soon.

According to the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center, which manages the space station, it is highly unlikely anyone has ever taken a photo of Earth from an astronaut’s camera.

Here’s what the photograph looks like.

The five-year mission aboard the space station is officially scheduled to end January 15, 2021, NASA says.

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The next astronaut on the way will be California’s Kate Rubins, who will join astronauts Sergey Ryzhikov, Michael Hopkins, and Victor Glover when the mission reaches the end of its final stage.

But although this mission marks the last live spacewalk before a year-long wait for the next mission, it wasn’t a totally cut and dry exercise.

During the spacewalk, the six astronauts “assembled two vital parts for the end of the construction task at the end of the current Expedition 59 crew”, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) says.

But outside there were some surprises.

Rummler Spacewalk Image Credit

The mission was led by Mark Rummler, a Pennsylvania Air Force Veteran.

He is “one of the proudest civilian individuals who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces and earned the highest achievement of the U.S. Air Force — a Distinguished Airman rank”, the National Academies’ Robert T. Honeycutt explains.

Rummler will make history as one of the first Veterans to hold such a prestigious distinction.

Space Shipmen Mark Rummler Courtesy NASA

The ceremony also saw Mark Takeuchi take over as the commander of the Expedition 59 mission. He is also a two-decade veteran of NASA’s Astronaut Corps, and the one he is taking over is the longest-serving space aviator in U.S. Air Force history.

Honeycutt explains, “As commanding officer, Takeuchi will be responsible for preparing the International Space Station for new and currentcrews” and supervising the mission “to provide a safe environment for astronauts in space, and minimize the risk posed to crewmembers.”


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