WhatsApp may be working on a Communities feature


WhatsApp users may soon be able to chat with groups of people under a new Communities feature that was recently spotted in beta versions of the app. More so, the feature will provide you with the advantage of unfiltered chatting. As a result, you will be able to talk with a group of people in WhatsApp without the understanding of who you are chatting with (per Facebook, last) or any privacy concerns (per Google, respectively) — simple messages will be sent out over a topic. You will only be able to send out messages in Communities when you are part of a WhatsApp group or interact with a group.

How much does Communities cost?

WhatsApp Communities does not charge a subscription fee, but the service is ad-supported. The version of WhatsApp version currently seeing Android beta testers is a beta of the existing Status version. It seems that there will be some changes in upcoming versions of WhatsApp, which will remove the functionalities of these beta versions of the app. In short, WhatsApp Communities will be renamed in the future.

What new features of WhatsApp Communities will be added?

As mentioned, more so, the latest versions of WhatsApp will remove the functionalities of the beta versions of the app. This, in the short-term, will remove the functionalities of these Android beta testers’ WhatsApp profiles, which can be quite confusing to many — especially if you don’t know where you are.

The new set-up, created for Communities, will be in WhatsApp beta profiles, and not groups’ Chat Rooms in the present version of WhatsApp, as claimed by The Information. This will let you chat in a way in which you will know who you are chatting with. Pretty simple, considering the privacy at stake, and something you’d be able to customize as you wish for the service. The feature is now available to beta testers of WhatsApp Accounts & Groups, but the final name will be revealed on the WhatsApp Status download page. Additionally, businesses will have access to chat Communities for a fee of $0.75. Businesses can opt for up to six groups under Communities. There will be limits on the number of conversations per account, so if you want to chat with your clients for longer, you will need to pay more (each more than four groups).

Are there any privacy concerns, related to Communities?

There is no indication of a privacy concern — groups will have the ability to chat without seeing who they are chatting with (this is something Group chat works on). However, certain Groups could be used for more purposes than socializing with a friend.

However, there will be more established Communities — a Gaming Community — where you can be part of chats that get very personal and personal. These kinds of Communities are not a privacy concern; chats are not usually personal. Also, these Communities will have more account interaction. In the future, more Communities may be added to WhatsApp, and this will be a privacy concern.

It is to be mentioned that WhatsApp Communities will not require users to share their lists of contacts.

This could be a significant achievement, both in terms of saving privacy (so that chat contents cannot be seen) and in terms of advertising income.

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